Bedouin Dancers
Fiesta! 2001
King William Fair 2001
(or Humpers Big Day of Fun!)

It was a cool spring day when the Bedouins reached an oasis known as the King William Fair. Immediately Humpers, the camel, was unloaded and the tents set up...

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Guards were placed to secure the encampment (& Humpers!) while...

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the remainder of the tribe journeyed on to the gathering of the caravans that would make the annual pilgrimage known as the King William Parade.

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Who is that masked dancer in the middle and what manner of veil is she wearing?

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More masked? veiled? dancers!

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"Wait! Let's pose for a photo!"

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"I don't see a camera!"

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Once back from the pilgrimage, music was made and dancing commenced

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Crowds gathered to watch the dancers

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One more photo before striking camp

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It's been a big day for Humpers (he's such a good camel!) and there's more to come. A kiss before loading up the camel and moving on to the Fiesta Flambeau Parade!

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