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Looking for something unusual or one-of-a-kind? A beledi dress that covers yet shows off your best bedla? How about a circular veil with a Mandala pattern dyed in?

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Or a hand-painted veil of Horus with a lotus border?

What is Phoenix Designs?

When I first started dancing, I found I had a talent in costume design. I had done just about everything one could do in crafts at the time, from Indian Loom-beading, to knitting and crochet, so I had a store of knowledge to work from. Unfortunately, there are just so many costumes you can make for yourself before it becomes ridiculous.  Yet for me, the thrill was the hunt, or in this case, the concept. After I made it, I didn't necessarily want to keep it, so I did the natural thing--sell it.

Things worked out well, to say the least. I came up with an original design for a crocheted beledi dress with pailettes, which spun off skirts, sleeves, vests, etc. I've sold tons of these over the years, and thanks to the support of dancers such as Amaya and Dahlal, both nationally and internationally. In addition to the crocheted items, I design jewelry, bedlas, clothing and carry music, videos, imports and appliqués. My most recent endeavor of the past year or so has been in hand-painting and dyeing silk veils in unique patterns, which has been extremely successful. Although I vend mainly in Texas; I do venture out on occasion and have been known to appear in other states.

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Modeling courtesy of Sonya

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