Basic Moves
Rib Extensions Forward & Back

Rib Extension Forward & Back: In basic position, with arms down at sides, push the rib cage out over your toes as far as you can. Keep the pelvis in a neutral position, i.e. don't release the pelvis back. Reverse this by pulling the rib cage back, slightly rounding the spine. Try to keep the ribs on a level plane so you don't tip forward or back. Repeat.

dancemoves/ribextensiongif.gif (32729 bytes)

Advanced Rib Extension Forward & Back: Same as above, however, when pushing ribs forward, suck in the lower half of the stomach as far a possible while extending the upper part of the stomach. On the reverse while the rib cage is back, allow the lower stomach to relax and protrude, while tightening the upper stomach muscles. This movement is the foundation of a belly roll and can be aided by controlling the breath to help you in extending or contracting the two halves of the stomach. When the ribs are forward, inhale to help extend the upper stomach while tightening the muscles of the lower stomach. When the ribs are back, exhale and tighten the muscles of the upper stomach while releasing the muscles of the lower stomach.

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